Strata Management Services

Westside Strata provides comprehensive strata management throughout the greater Sydney region. We currently manage over 590 residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use plans ranging from 2 to  330 lots. Westside Management aspires to provide quality, Strata Management  services to all of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Legislation Compliance
    The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 came into effect on the 30th of November 2016 . The Act places certain responsibilities on the owner’s corporation that must be adhered to such as:

    • Maintaining records of notices issued, minutes of meetings and motions.

    • Keeping financial records and statements, correspondence, and a complete strata roll.

    • Obtaining and maintaining adequate insurance.

    • Raising adequate levies to carry out duties.

  • Maintenance and Safety
    Westside assists in both the day-to-day and long term maintenance of your strata plan, including the following:

    • Fire compliance checks.

    • Work Health and Safety Checks.

    • Contracting cleaners & lawn & lift maintenance.

    • Organising repairs as required.

    • Planning for future capital needs.

  • Financial Control and Record Keeping
    Westside aims to obtain the best value for money when selecting trades people and professionals to carry out required maintenance and administrative work on your premises. We undertake to:

    • Budget for and recover levies to adequately cover expenses in proportion to the unit entitlements of each lot.

    • Charge and recover interest on unpaid levies.

    • Pay invoices incurred by the owner’s corporation.

    • Maintain financial records.

  • Meetings
    As part of our service, Westside will ensure lot owners are notified before each meeting takes place, assist in preparing notices and agendas, record minutes and ensure all required information is available and a quorum is formed for the following meetings:

    • Annual General meetings.

    • Extraordinary General meetings.

    • Strata committee meetings.

  • Disputes and Conflict Resolutions
    Strata living often brings people of diverse interests and backgrounds close together. Disagreements and disputes sometimes arise. Westside can facilitate:

    • Issuing notices to comply with by laws.

    • Submitting applications to and attending Mediation.

    • Submitting applications to and attending the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

For a stress free strata management In the greater Sydney region.

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