What Jobs Are Performed By Strata Management Companies

These days, strata management corporation is much-required service for the property owners and dealers in order to maintain their buildings and take care of other property factors too. For example- Insurance, tenancy services, financial management, negotiation with every other person about all matters of the property.  Strata Management, mainly known as body corporate management, is considered as the daily procedure and administration of the property which is closely-held by two or more peoples jointly.

The Strata Management is a proficient field of property management and also consists of several units. Apart from this is also helps in facilitating peoples just by maintaining a variety of management as well as maintenance tasks. In this post, we are going to tell you about the various kinds of jobs which are performed by the Strata Management Services companies.


The first job of any stratum management firm is to look out and maintain the different kinds of electrical applications, including sockets outlets, alarm systems, CCTV, electrical circuits and so on. Besides, it also looks after all sorts of work related to wiring, upgrading the electrical application as well as testing for finding out any types of fault in any electrical application. Strata management firms look after the supply of electricity of all the areas inside or outside as well as around your houses or flats as well. Up gradation of the smoke alarm and fuse box comes under their responsibility too. The company also maintains a small to small and big problem comes in the correct comfort of the buildings. The prime motto of these companies is the proper as well as sound.


Every strata management agency looks after all types of the installation process of the different kinds of the vital instrument for the security and the comfort of the property owner. The responsibility of the firm include installation of various things, for example, smoke alarm falls to electric lamps.

3. Examine

Another very key job or responsibility of the stratum management firm is to audit soundly the areas inside-outside plus around the flats or buildings to look into any kind of fault or hindrance so that it can be solved within times in order that it can not cause any harm or discomfort for the people. The good firms have highly skilled and professional people who can examine each and every small issue in no time.